Space Wars, Zombie Attack, Tiger Tails and more: 10 fun soccer games

For many soccer players, of course, what happens on weekends is the real highlight. So the Game Day is coming up and measuring with foreign teams is a very special world within the respective league. Successes are celebrated and missed opportunities are often mourned for a long time. But practically every age group and from amateurs to professionals are trained hard for this.

Of course, not every training session can only consist of eleven against eleven games. Between warm-up and the final stretching there are various units and exercises that are supposed to bring joy and to enrich players in certain areas of the game. So that this can be done, fun soccer games can be used.

Fun soccer games bring a lot to kids, teenagers and adults

At fun soccer games, games for children are naturally thought of, but adults can also benefit from them. It is extremely important to keep the game fun and enjoyable, fun soccer games are a good way to do this. The resulting advantages are comprehensive, we would like to list the most important advantages:

  • Coordination and thinking skills are encouraged
  • Variety in everyday training
  • Fun soccer games are simply immense fun
  • The fun soccer games can serve as a competition
  • Teamwork is often required and strengthened
  • Individual facets of soccer can be seen
  • Fun soccer games can be explained extremely quickly

Space Wars

In a square field, which is based on the number of players, two teams are positioned opposite each other and aim to shoot as many balls as possible from the opponents with their own ball. Whoever has the most balls at the end, wins. So this fun soccer game promotes accurate passing and dribbling.

Zombie Attack

The fun soccer game Zombie Attack requires two end zones. As zombies, one team has one ball at a time and tries to catch the other team while the ball is being checked. The goal of the other team is to reach the other end zone. Whoever gets caught receives a ball himself and becomes a zombie. The fun soccer game particularly promotes dribbling.

Tiger Tails

With the fun soccer game Tiger Tails, each player receives a piece of cloth as a tail. These are put in the pants and the goal is to pull out the tail of the other tigers and infect itself. Depending on the age, the game can be played without a ball or with a ball close to the foot.

Connect Four

Connect Four requires four zones and two goals. There are three players in each zone, two of whom are attackers and one defender. In order for the attackers to score, at least four passes must be scored in the next zone, but the defenders can also score if the ball is won.


The Robocop game takes a slightly different approach than fun soccer game. There the ball is passed by hand and the speed of movement is reduced to walking. Thanks to different zones and the duty to fit when touched by opponents, communication is to be strengthened.

Funny Turns

Not surprisingly, the fun soccer game Funny Turns is about practicing turning with the ball. This is positioned in a large circle in the middle and a player is called out. He can then show his “funny turn”, which the others then have to imitate.


The game Aliens is basically a classic catch game. Here, a player is equipped with a ball in a staked-out field and can shoot other players into aliens by shooting below the knee height. They then also receive a ball from the outside.

Over the Boarder

In this game, two end zones are staked out, in which teams of six players have to be numbered in order. The coach then calls out a number and the respective player with this number runs into the end zone and tries to win the ball or get it out of the field.

Chain Gang

Chain Gang is a really fun soccer game. Two teams are created and in addition to a starting line, a hat is required for each team. This is then placed a few meters away. The first person dribbles around the cone with the ball on his foot, when he returns, a second person is latched on and arm in arm must be dribbled around again. The chain increases with each pass, the ball must remain under control.

Head for Home

In order to learn headballs, the ball is put up, if necessary also from the hand. There are two teams, each with an end zone. The goal is practically via headers that are caught as a team to reach the end zone. All these fun soccer games require balls, goals, equipment and much more, our offer at serves for perfect conditions!