High quality mini soccer goals from helogoal.com

If gameday is on senior soccer field, it is relatively clear what the circumstances are. So the field stands with the respective dimensions and large full size soccer goals are then used. But outside of that there are many training sessions or even recreational sports. The full size soccer goals are not always the best option. This may be due to the fact that certain game procedures are being considered or the fact that there are simply fewer people in training, so ultimately other solutions are needed. Mini soccer goals are therefore often used.

It does not matter if you want to use mini soccer goals for dedicated training purposes such as training your precision or to compensate for missing mates. Mini soccer goals are a great addition to your training gear.

The mini soccer goals result in several fields of application

Any athlete who has practiced team sport at the amateur or higher level will know the problem when teammates are missing from training. Sometimes, playing on big soccer goals with just 10 players is not always optimal. The mini soccer goals help to provide the correct environment for small-sided play where precision and accuracy are required to solve pressure in tight spaces. U6 and U8 Youth matches also benefit from small sided goals as their fields are smaller and there are fewer participants than adult soccer.

Different sizes are available for the mini soccer goals

We offer the following dimensions:

  • Height 2.6 feet (approx. 80 cm) x width 3.9 feet (approx. 1.2 meters)
  • Height 3.9 feet (approx. 1.2 meters) x width 5.9 feet (approx. 1.8 meters)

Robust yet mobile: Out mini soccer goals are practical

Since the mini soccer goals can be used in so many different ways, they must be mobile and durable to be effective. The aluminum superstructures support these needs. Helogoal offers the two sizes of mini-goals configured differently depending on the application. The Safety version has wheels and a weighted back bar that helps to prevent accidental tipping of the goal. A version without wheels or safety back bar exists for environments that require optimal portability and are used where young players typically do not train or play matches lessening the need for the anti-tipping style goal. Both types have PlayersProtect® to limit injury when a player slides into the base of the mini-goal.

So if you are interested in mini soccer goals, get in touch with us and learn more. Just order online from HELOGOAL!