Who are the best soccer players in the world?

Soccer is one of the most popular sports around the world. Kicking is practically everywhere and for good reason. It practically doesn’t even need a real ball or equipment to play the sport you love. The pictures of children from all over the world with improvised solutions are too well known. Of course, there are also many formats around the world in which soccer is really played with clear requirements and guidelines, and that is simply part of it.

But who is actually the best soccer player in the world? This is a hotly debated question. The Ballon d’Or, the title for world soccer players, is awarded annually. After all, this has been awarded since 1956 and respects the opinions of experts year after year. But can such a best soccer player in the world be fixed and if so, how? And, of course, the question of who should be mentioned here.

We want to dig a little deeper and look for an answer.

Is there a G.O.A.T. at all?

A popular name in sport is that of the goats. Of course, this is not a goat, but simply the abbreviation for greatest of all time. Many sports have such a goat, and, of course, Michael Jordan is known as the undisputed number 1 to this day.

But is that also possible in soccer? The question is of course difficult to answer. Offensive productivity is often the most valued. It is much more difficult for a full-back to achieve the same fame as the playmaker or striker who draws attention to himself with spectacular dribbles and goals.

What is the best soccer player?

As already said, it is difficult to measure who is actually the best soccer player in the world. There are many factors involved. Not all factors can be measured hard, even the most extensive statistics only give an inadequate picture in a sport like soccer. When asking who the best soccer players in the world are, the following factors can be taken into account:

  • Statistics (championships, goals, assists etc.)
  • Popularity (Ambassador of the game)
  • Uniqueness (playing style, formative appearance, etc.)
  • Teamwork (successful with changing teammates)
  • Ability to carry the team (win games on your own)
  • Constance (not just successful for a few years, but decades)
  • Effectiveness (continued to be successful when calculated on individual games)
  • Highest level (measured with the best of the best and stronger there)

In the 2010s, Messi and Ronaldo were at the top

In the past decade, before and probably a few more years, there is practically no way around the two names Christiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi when it comes to the question of the best soccer player in the world. The period from 2009 to 2018 was particularly explosive. Both played against each other at the Spanish top clubs Real Madrid and Barcelona in the Classico, several times a year. Most games became instant classics. The bitter rivalry paired with the great attention of the games always provided that special something.

Both teams had their own version of the best soccer player in the world, which always stood out among all the outstanding players on the field. On the one hand, the small, agile wizard, who played the opponents dizzy with outstanding technology. On the other hand, the model athlete, who went into the games through hard work, incredible talent and never-ending ambition. Ronaldo has been a professional since 2002, Messi since 2003, which also characterizes these two goats. You have always played at the top of the world.

In addition, there were also successful appearances in the respective national teams. There too, both have played a key role for decades and are largely successful. The statistics are also correct. Ronaldo, for example, scored a staggering 311 goals in 292 games at Real Madrid. Messi had 438 goals in 474 games until the interrupted 2019/2020 season at Barcelona. Both are outstanding and show how constant both play.

Who is the best soccer player in the world? Well, it’s a question of the perspective, because both players are always arguing about the Ballon d’Or, the experts also do not agree.

Pelé, Platini, Maradona and Co.: In history, there were many impressive soccer players

In the current time, there is practically no one who can even begin to get hold of this, in all important respects. Historically there are of course some names. We do not want to withhold the most important ones from you:

  • Pele
  • Michael Platini
  • Diego Maradona
  • Ronaldo
  • Franz Beckenbauer
  • Zinedine Zidane

Especially the older players can hardly be compared, the game is different. But the dominance was already evident even then. What do all players have in common when considering the best soccer player in the world? The latest equipment was used in professional years. You will find what you are looking for at helogoal.com and can also provide your club with high-quality equipment. Check out for more details!