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Sports field marking for all sports fields where lines are needed.

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A valuable team member: Our sports field marking spray

If you like watching soccer or baseball, you know how difficult it can be for the referee or umpire to make the right decision. Amateur sport does not benefit from the complex control systems enjoyed by professional sports. Therefore, it is important that the lines of the field – whether soccer, baseball or another sport – are clearly recognizable. And this is where the HELOGOAL spray marker comes in!

You need help marking a field? Do you want clearly visible lines and markings, which minimize dispute between players, officials and coaches? Then use our spray marker and enjoy an all-round successful sporting event!

Always visible: A soccer and baseball spray marker in one

Whether professional or amateur sport, before athletes step across the line to compete, the corresponding field must be marked. If an inferior product is used, the lines quickly dissolve and must be repainted over and over again, which is a waste of time for a groundskeeper and other responsible people. With our field marking spray, these problems belong to the past!

And the best thing is: Our product is not only reliable, but also very easy to use and you only need small amounts of the spray. Eight cans are enough for an entire soccer field; if you use our product as a soccer spray, you only need three cans!

Note: A can of our sports field marking spray is enough to paint about 656 feet of lines.

For absolute power on the court with our spray marker

No matter whether golf course, tennis court or another playing field – we deliver the right product if lines are needed! Our field marking sprayer was designed for upside down use. This means that the item is ready for use and easy to use. In combination with the four-wheel HELOGOAL spray car, you can create highly visible, long-lasting lines and enjoy further advantages:

  • The soccer spray is extremely durable and quick-drying
  • It does not clump and fade
  • fine, clear lines that are completely waterproof

We are also proud to inform you that you are doing something good for the environment with our spray marker: the product is made from environmentally friendly, water-based paint.

Sports field marking spray and much more: This is how we support you

We at HELOGOAL are a valuable team member when it comes to high-quality sports equipment. The best thing is our articles are now available in the US! We are part of the HELO Sports Group and have more than 40 years of experience when it comes to innovations for sport. We have made a name for ourselves as a supplier for various European and World Championships. Now we want to convince you – whether with our sports field marking spray or another accessories for your sporting event.

Do you have any questions about our offer or our service? Contact us at any time and benefit from our many years of experience. We would be happy to consult with you!


Scope of delivery for 1 piece

  • 1x can


  • One can is enough for about 656 ft line · Lasts a very long time!
  • Consumption per sports facility (soccer) about 3 cans.
  • Consumption at football field about 8 cans

Sports field marking for all sports fields where lines are needed.
Golf Courses · Construction Sites · Sports Fields · Surveying · Excavations are also no problem with the spray!
Designed to use in an upside down position. Fast and easy to use. With the accompanying fourwheeled car you create highly visible, long-lasting lines.


  • not clumping
  • long-lasting
  • does not fade
  • fast drying
  • creates fine, clean lines
  • weatherproof marking
  • environmentally friendly water-based paint

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Sports field marking spray 750ml blue, Sports field marking spray 750ml white, Sports field marking spray 750ml red, Sports field marking spray 750ml yellow, Sports field marking spray 750ml orange


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