Our HELOGOAL mini pitches: The playing fields from Germany


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We reinvent the game: With innovative soccer arenas from HELOGOAL

The students at your college or university are very enthusiastic about sports. Soccer is rapidly becoming the #1 participation and spectator sport for the 18-25 year-old age group in the USA.  If your institution does not have space for a full-size recreational soccer field, then helogoal has exactly what you seek!  Our soccer arenas are space-saving, modern and allow pure soccer enjoyment. With our high level of innovation and our many years of experience, we contribute to more exercise, health and wellness on your campus.

By the way: Our GreenCourt Products and other items are completely “Made in Germany”. Customers all over the world trust HELOGOAL.

Our soccer arenas provide different skills

Compared to a conventional soccer field, the game in our mini-pitch design is much faster. This means that players have to interact more efficiently both physically and in communication. Our GreenCourt product technology provides tactics and “togetherness” on the field.

Learn what our 40 year tradition of manufacturing design excellence can provide your school when you invest in a GreenCourt mini-pitch system!

Our products at a glance


This field can be set up and taken down in little time and completely without fixed screw connections. The materials are extremely robust and easily withstand any weather conditions. This longevity is primarily due to the corrosion-free aluminum as the main component.


This soccer arena meets the highest demands and can be used for decades thanks to its enormous robustness. It is a permanent installation that is incorporated into a concrete foundation. The weather resistance and low noise during use are certified by a German test institute. A high-quality soccer goal with net on both end lines and an innovative goal entrance that enables quick player changes provides the perfect space for campus recreation.


The basic principle of this product is the same as for the “ARENA PRO”. The difference is the Arena Smart can be moved periodically as it is not fixed in the ground.  This solves the problem when permanent installation is not possible but a robust, long-lasting solution is required.  This playing field is also characterized by low noise, enormous robustness and unbeatable weather resistance.

No matter which product you choose: All of our GreenCourt products offer you maximum flexibility and are suitable for all age groups. The side panels can become a revenue stream when advertising logos are applied.  The system can pay for itself through time providing your sponsors with great messaging opportunities to your students on campus.

Tip: The soccer arenas from HELOGOAL are not only suitable for colleges and universities. Other uses include, professional club match day fan zone activation areas, youth soccer clubs, high schools, cultural sites, leisure facilities, hotels and public places. GreenCourt mini-pitch looks great at any festival, celebration, or event where people love to play pick-up soccer!

Soccer arenas and more

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