5 motivating and fun soccer drills

Sport soccer is exciting and for many an absolute purpose in life. From kicking in your own driveway to watching our favorite players at tournaments to playing your own games at school or in a club, the sport is lived. This variety also goes hand in hand with the fact that a wide variety of exercises are carried out to improve skills.

Especially those looking for some inspiration as a trainer will be enriched with the fun soccer drills we have presented. These are suitable for young and old and are simply aimed at bringing fun and casually promoting individual skills. We would therefore like to introduce you to the fun soccer drills for each training session.

Understand the meaning of fun soccer drills in advance

Especially in the amateur and youth area, it is of course central that the fun of the players is promoted there. As a result, the fun soccer drills are particularly aimed at this. So there is a change from normal game and training operations, which is often associated with great joy. This is also ensured by the often somewhat playful name design, which goes hand in hand with the fun soccer drills and promises great joy. But that’s not all, since of course the skills should also be strengthened at drills. This can be done, for example, by:

  • Individual aspects of the sport are emphasized
  • Performing exercises without fixed positions
  • The playing field is often clearly limited
  • Request special rules for thinking
  • And much more

A classic: 7v7 scrimmage

Real games on Game Day are the absolute highlight for every soccer player and training games are often a great pleasure. 7v7 Scrimages as a fun soccer drill are also very welcome for seniors. The goal size can be varied and the big advantage is simply that no 22 players are needed in training to simulate real games. In addition, the smaller room is of course an advantage to strengthen certain skills. Special rules are also possible.

Agility required: Catch Me If You Can

One on one with the decisive factors technology and speed determine the game Catch Me If You Can. They hunt each other around a square field of 10×10 yards, for example. Both players stand at

opposite corners and have to run around the field in the same direction and try to catch up with the ball at the foot of the other player. Whoever is fast here wins the round.

For finishing the goal: 1v1 Diamond Shooting Drill

A fun soccer drill that brings a lot of fun and skills to goal scoring is the 1v1 Diamond Shooting Drill. Here hats are set up in diamond form and there is a player on each hat. The first player matches the second player and runs to his place for the next run. The second suits player three and then runs in front of the goal as a defender, while player three matches player four. The latter then attacks the goal and has to prevail 1v1 against player 2. Then move up accordingly.

Perfect for kids: Pirate Treasure Dribbling Game

Pirates are extremely popular with children, and it is also worth naming a fun soccer drill. With the help of high cones, pirate treasures are provided on one side of a marked out field. If these are shot and then picked up and brought back to the starting point without losing the ball, the treasure has been obtained. Of course, there are also defenders who are supposed to prevent this. As a result, this fun soccer drill requires good dribbling skills.

Extensively helpful: The Shooting Agility Drill

The Shooting Agility Drill is characterized by double passes and quick changes of direction with a final goal. Here, a trainer is close to the sixteen. In front of the trainer towards the center of the field, a canal is built with a hat. The players are on the other side. These pass through the channel, run behind, receive the ball, match the trainer again and then run backwards back to the beginning of the channel. Then the coach puts the ball to the right or left and the player reacts with a quick goal.

The right equipment for almost every fun soccer drill is available at helogoal.com

The nice thing about soccer, of course, is that it can be played practically without any equipment. A ball or something similar is sufficient. However, most fun soccer drills require additional equipment to train these special aspects of the game even more purposefully and better. This is exactly where we come in and are able to contribute the right equipment for practically every fun soccer drill through our offer. Just take a look at our HELOGOAL offer and then equip yourself appropriately!