What are soccer nets made of?

Many soccer players know it from their own youth from soccer fields and other pitches that were simply converted. These are goals that do not need nets. In places, it is even sufficient when playing soccer that, for example, two shoes are used to mark a goal. The crossbar is then only thought of and yet the fun is huge and the memories of these times will often last a lifetime. But when it comes to school or the club, the demands of course also increase somewhat.

One of these claims is, for example, the use of goals that leave no questions unanswered as to whether the ball actually landed in the soccer goal. The basic requirement for this is the appropriate and patch-proof network. But how is this actually implemented in detail and which materials are used? Classically, it was certainly fabrics that were used, but today manufacturers use special compositions to make the networks available in a targeted manner.

With us you will find out what the soccer netting material is made of.

The demands on soccer netting material are high

When looking at the soccer net material, it is clear that it has to meet high standards. In the sport, quick shots are fired from the shortest distance with balls, which of course also have a certain weight. The whole thing happens practically every day of the week and very often also outdoors. The demands on the soccer net material are correspondingly high. We would like to give you a more detailed overview of these demands on soccer netting material so that you understand what counts:

  • The game itself is extremely stressful.
  • Removing balls or even falling players can be a burden.
  • Weather, rain and sunshine are practically available all year round.
  • The nets must have no holes.
  • The optics must be correct and should be transparent.
  • The soccer netting material must match the size of the goal perfectly.
  • A structure that is as light as possible is of course preferable.
  • Different colors should be possible to implement.

Modern polyethylene is widely used

It is not that easy for manufacturers to choose the soccer netting material, so the requirements are too extensive. Nevertheless, in times of modern soccer nets, it was quickly discovered that plastics

are ideal for this. This allows them to be shaped as desired, and of course fibrous structures, as are quite common in nets, also occur here.

A real all-rounder in plastics is clearly modern polyethylene. It is estimated that around 30% of all plastic products are made with the help of polyethylene, which is simply because the product is so flexible. In this way, different properties can be varied at the molecular level, thus creating a wide variety of end products. This can include foils and similar materials, for example, and accordingly, their suitability as soccer netting material is extremely high.

All of the above requirements for the soccer netting material are impressively met with the nets made of polyethylene and related plastics. The structure created is light, stretchy and robust at the same time. The influences of weather are well put away, which can include protection against fading. Formability and optical variations also go hand in hand with this.

Additional materials may be possible in individual cases

The polyethylene is therefore a substance that is configured in artificial production. However, there are of course some other options for soccer netting material. Of course, natural fibers that can be used are also important. This is possible from cotton to hemp to jute. As is well known, these substances also have excellent properties and, if implemented correctly, can also meet the requirements described for the soccer netting material. Hybrid implementations are also not excluded.

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