Who is the greatest female soccer player?

While men’s soccer is much more dominant in most countries around the world, the picture is somewhat reversed in the USA. So the picture is balanced here and even something in favor of women. International success and great popularity are the background. Of course, there is still women’s soccer worldwide, and of course the always popular question of who the best women soccer player is.

There are of course different opinions and the picture changes over the years, but the greatest female soccer players often manage to manifest themselves over years and stick to these titles. In the following we would like to go into more detail and show who is to be mentioned as a forerunner.

Opinions differ, but there are clear images

Something like the greatest female soccer players can of course simply not be made permanent. So it’s a team sport. Not everyone plays against everyone and the individual positions simply differ immensely. Nevertheless, the search for the greatest female soccer players is of course carried out regularly. The most common is the awarding of the Ballon d’Or, which is awarded annually to the best players.

There are often multiple winners, or at least players, who are shortlisted as the greatest female soccer player. Certain trends can then be read from this.

Ada Hegerberg is considered by many to be the best of the best

The Norwegian Ada Hegerberg has a meaningful nickname as “the golden striker”. In addition to her achievements on the field, she also became known for having resigned from the national team at a young age because women earned less than men.

The numbers speak for themselves. With one of the best women’s teams in the world, Olympique Lyon, she always plays at the highest level with considerable competition. By the 2019/2020 season, she could claim an impressive 144 goals in 118 games. An important factor for the greatest female soccer player. In this way, the team led her to several championship titles, trophies and also to the throne of the Champions League. Quite impressive and for many the worthy greatest female soccer player.

It remains Nordic: Pernille Harder belongs to the absolute top

It is not only Ada Hegerberg who can win games by single-handed goals. The nickname “tough executioner” speaks at least as much for Pernille Harder, who is often the second best greatest female soccer player. She also comes from Scandinavia, but from Denmark. She was also awarded. In the German Bundesliga, for example, she became the top scorer in 2018. She also won the title of European Soccer player of the Year in the same year.

At club level, it has always proven to be accurate. In Sweden at Linköpings FC, for example, she has scored 71 goals in 87 games, while there were 59 goals in 66 games at German VFL Wolfsburg. Both good values in strong leagues. And also in the national team she scores an average in every second game, also outstanding. In addition to the runner-up title at the 2017 European Championships, she also became German champion and cup winner three times.

Wendie Renard is also part of the discussion

When the greatest female soccer players are discussed, the name Wendie Renard should not be forgotten. She also works at Olympique Lyon. In addition, there is the French national team. Born in 1990, she has been active there for a long time, winning 12 championship titles in a row and five Champions League titles. Both are outstanding, especially because she is an absolute anchor in the team. What makes her special is that she is also represented as a defensive player in the discussion about the greatest female soccer player.

Other well-known players from all over the world

As always with discussions about the best, the list is of course long and depending on what is considered there are different discussions. What is particularly interesting here is that women are always talking about defensive players. This is almost unthinkable for men. We would like to name other notable players who should never be missing when asked about the greatest female soccer player:

  • Lucia Bronze
  • Marta
  • Dzsenifer Marozsan
  • Amandine Henry
  • Samantha Kerr
  • Megan Rapinoe
  • Saki Kumagai

There are also world-class players in the USA

With Marta, Megan Rapinoe and Samantha Kerr there are also players who are active in the US or who even come from here. Women’s soccer is extremely popular and successful in the United States. This is also due to the many players who are active at world-class level. Other notable players here are Abby Wambach, Carly Lloyd and Alex Morgan. Skills are honed in daily training and good soccer accessories, even among the greatest female soccer players. If you also want to create good conditions for this, we can recommend you to take a look at our HELOGOAL offer!