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GreenCourt Mini-Pitch “StreetSoccer” with 90° corners, with net construction, without installation

possible sizes: 36.1′ x 19.7′, 42.6′ x 26.2′, 49.2′ x 32.8′ and 65.6′ x 42.6′

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GREENCOURT MINI-PITCH “STREETSOCCER” mobile and flexible panel system for a temporary use


quick installation and removal
• easy hooking-in and Velcro system, no bolted assembly
• certified by a German testing institute: robust, weather-proof,low noise
• basic lay-out:
– surrounding panel system, approx. 35.4“ high, approx. 0.98“ thick
– panels made of a plastic coated rigid foam (white)
– basic construction made of corrosion-free aluminium
– fully welded mini soccer goals, integrated into the panel system
– entrance elements, integrated into panel system
• suitable for transport and storage due to a space-saving construction
• panels suitable for the application of advertising
• perfect for events, street festivals, city festivals, children’s parties, company parties, club festivals, fairs, etc.

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How to build a StreetSoccer. You can see that in a quick version here!



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