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GreenCourt Mini-Pitch “StreetSoccer” with 90° corners, with net construction, without installation

possible sizes: 36.1′ x 19.7′, 42.6′ x 26.2′, 49.2′ x 32.8′ and 65.6′ x 42.6′

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Choose the best: The street soccer pitch from HELOGOAL!

Hi there, we got something for you! Our modern street soccer pitch is the ideal choice when it comes to pure soccer passion. This is especially true if you want to play on campus or in another place that is not a classic soccer field. Get to know and appreciate our innovation – the students or your club members will also thank you!

Our compact soccer mini-pitch, like all of our products, is completely “Made in Germany”. You enjoy the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction. That’s what HELOGOAL stands for!


Improve your ability to play with our street soccer pitch

If you compare our “cage” with soccer on a conventional playing field, you will immediately notice an enormous difference. Mini-pitch soccer demands and promotes a fast style of play as well as good technique and well devised tactics. Players must communicate with each other much more frequently and succinctly in order to be successful. Our street soccer pitch also promotes collaboration between the athletes. By the way: The HELOGOAL team has been a partner and supplier of various international soccer events for over 40 years.

The street soccer pitch from HELOGOAL – These are your advantages

In addition to promoting basic soccer skills, which also have a positive effect on other sports, our innovative playing field has various other advantages:

• Installation and dismantling are done in no time

• The installation does not require any screws or similar hardware

• This provides maximum flexibility!

• Neither wind nor snow, ice or strong sunlight can damage the material

• The noise level is minimal so that the soccer mini-pitch can be used anywhere

• The quality is confirmed by a German test institute

• The sideboards can be constructed with the advertising of your choice

• Thanks to the compactness, the construction is easy to transport and just as easy to store

• The corrosion-free aluminum of the base is unmatched in terms of robustness and durability

In addition, you can choose between different sizes of soccer mini-pitch and thus tailor the product to your individual needs. Speaking of which: Of course, the field is not only used at colleges, clubs, etc. It is also suitable for street and city festivals, children’s celebrations, company events, trade fairs and much more.

The team at your side

As you can see, our street soccer pitch is just the right thing when it comes to the most beautiful thing in the world. Do you need more information about the item? Or would you like to know how else we can help you? Get in touch with the HELOGOAL team! We are there for you around the clock and will be happy to advise you.


quick installation and removal

• easy hooking-in and Velcro system, no bolted assembly
• certified by a German testing institute: robust, weather-proof,low noise
• basic lay-out:
– surrounding panel system, approx. 35.4“ high, approx. 0.98“ thick
– panels made of a plastic coated rigid foam (white)
– basic construction made of corrosion-free aluminium
– fully welded mini soccer goals, integrated into the panel system
– entrance elements, integrated into panel system
• suitable for transport and storage due to a space-saving construction
• panels suitable for the application of advertising
• perfect for events, street festivals, city festivals, children’s parties, company parties, club festivals, fairs, etc.

more information and possibilities in our catalog – click here

How to build a StreetSoccer. You can see that in a quick version here!



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