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GreenCourt Mini-Pitch “Arena Pro” with 90° corners, with net construction, without installation

possible sizes: 65.6′ x 42,6′, 98.4′ x 49.2′ and 131′ x 65,6′

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Our minipitch Arena Pro: Soccer in its purest form

Our solution for soccer trains the basic skills of sport. In addition, it can easily be converted into a playing field for other sports.

Soccer is becoming increasingly popular in the United States. Does that also apply to your college or university? And do you want to offer young people an opportunity to live out their enthusiasm for this sport? Then our minipitch called Arena Pro is just the thing for you! Thanks to various innovative features and details, the product also enables exciting soccer moments where there is no space for a conventional playing field.

Note: Of course, the stationary arena is not only suitable for use at university or college! Schools, leisure facilities, hotels, cultural institutions and public places are further areas of use.

That is what makes the Arena Pro so unique

Our professional “cage” is much more compact than a classic soccer field. That is why the play is very dynamic in an Arena Pro. Members of a team must communicate more with each other in order to be successful on the “grass”. In addition, our Arena Pro demands and promotes the highest level of tactics and innovation.

Did you know? We at HELOGOAL can look back on over 40 years of experience; Customers all over the world trust our know-how and our “Made in Germany” products. See for yourself!

Arena Pro – Our stationary arena in detail

• Highest quality and stability for an unbeatable lifespan

• Permanent installation in concrete foundations maximizes this stability

• Absolutely weatherproof

• Low noise and therefore suitable for every conceivable location

• Checked by a German test institute

• High quality goal nets included

• There is an entrance at each goal, so that quick player changes are possible

In addition to all these qualities, our stationary arena can inspire with a variety of uses. Yes, you read correctly! The construction is not only suitable for playing soccer, but can be converted into basketball, volleyball or another playing field in no time. Even at night – with the correct lighting, you can turn the Arena Pro into a floodlight temple.

By the way: If you are dependent on sponsors, that’s no problem either! The sideboards can be equipped with the advertising of your choice.

Much more than a “soccer cage” – our minipitch Arena Pro

The strong partner at your side

Our mini-pitch Arena Pro offers you maximum flexibility and is suitable for all age groups and levels. Whether young or old; Whether amateur or professional – playing soccer is fun! But enough of the words, see for yourself and find out why we are one of the leading sporting goods manufacturers in Europe.

Would you like to find out more about our stationary arena or another product? You don’t know which item is the right one for your individual needs? Don’t worry, we are here for you! Contact the HELOGOAL team at any time and get competent advice.


  • highest quality and stability for a long-term use
  • a permanent installation staying at the same place
  • extended posts, fixed in concrete foundations
  • incl. the technical creation of a foundation plan, exactly for your project
  • certified by a German testing institute: robust, weather-proof, low noise
  • basic lay-out:
    – surrounding panel system, approx. 39.4“ high, approx. 1.6“ thick
    – sandwich panel structure, PU hard foam with a steel coating (one side green, one side light grey)
    – basic construction made of corrosion-free aluminium
    – fully welded soccer goals, integrated into the panel system
    – one entrance door per goal, integrated into a side part
    – high-quality goal and door nets
  • many possibilities (net constructions, lighting, basketball, volleyball, etc.),
  • panels suitable for the application of advertising
  • perfect for all ages in sports clubs, schools, recreational facilities, hotels, social and cultural facilities, on company premises and public areas

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