The best soccer workouts

The national team led the way and now every soccer club has one or more athletics coaches. Being able to stop and shoot a ball is no longer enough. If you want to be a good soccer player, you also need to be very athletic.

After all, a game lasts 90 minutes. And if you run out of breath after only 70 minutes, your opponent can still turn a certain victory into a defeat. But to be able to play with concentration throughout the entire game, you don’t just need good physical condition.

Power is the basis for every movement. Whether it’s speed or strength endurance, every athlete benefits from regular strength training – and that includes soccer player. To avoid having to sacrifice too much time for athletic training, you should concentrate on efficient exercises. This effective 20-minute workout will make you a faster and more assertive soccer player!

Soccer workout 1: box jump with sprint

Stand on a box or step of stairs about 30-40 cm high and take a small step forward. Land on both pads and try to cushion yourself as quickly as possible without your heels touching the ground. Try to jump flat and far and land on one leg.

Stay on one leg until you find your balance. Then sprint 10 meters straight ahead. Repeat the exercises a total of 10-12 times, changing the landing leg each time. Make 3 passes on each leg.

Soccer workout 2: Push-up

Go into the support position and slowly lower your body until your nose is just off the ground. Hold this position for a moment and then push yourself up dynamically. Do 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions.

Soccer workout 3: Pull-ups or rowing

If you have a horizontal bar at your sports ground, you can do chin-ups there. 8-12 repetitions are top. If you can do less, you can also take a flatter bar and put your feet on the ground. This exercise is

called a rowing pull. Try to do 10 repetitions and repeat the exercise three times in total. We would like to add at this point that of course it is not allowed to hang on the goal bar.

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