Always a good choice: Your Team Shelter from HELOGOAL

Soccer is a sport that always brings great joy to everyone involved. From the intensive training sessions that strengthen the team to the narrow victories in exciting matches, soccer stands for pure emotion. But not everything is beautiful. Playing in the rain, for example, can be a great challenge for players on the field, but for substitutes such games are even more exhausting.

A good solution that should not be missing on any soccer field is therefore a Team Shelter. Even with nice temperatures it is worthwhile to have the opportunity to sit down extensively. With Team Shelter you can be prepared for all cases.

Here you can find exactly what you need and get more information below.

Sufficient space thanks to different sizes

Team Shelter is therefore a huge enrichment for every sports field. Stupid only if there is not enough space, which is why we offer different sizes. With one look at who has to find space for everything, it becomes clear why big solutions are necessary here. These often include at least the following components of the team:

  • Substitutes
  • Supervisor
  • Team doctors and physiotherapists
  • Trainer and Co-Trainer

Therefore, you will also find products with up to 14 seats in our offer. If some seats remain free, this is not too bad. In addition, there is enough space for stowing further equipment, which is also worthwhile. We recommend that you give some thought to the size and keep your budget in mind.

Sufficient stability for all cases is important

When it comes to soccer equipment, we follow the philosophy that it makes sense to choose good equipment from the very beginning. Of course we also want to offer certain price ranges, but Team Shelter show how important good equipment is. Apart from the weather influences from which we want to protect you, there are also much stronger influences. So it can happen at any time that a hard shot ball hits the Team Shelter. Our products are also designed to protect against this without splintering or other dangers.

A transparent structure is worthwhile for all involved

We also offer products with a transparent structure. This is for a good reason, after all soccer is also a beautiful spectator sport. If the Team Shelter is used in front of large stands, the transparency is possible and fans benefit. If there is nothing further behind, the transparent structure does not disturb, so you can benefit fully and simply decide to use this product.

Other sports will benefit from the Team Shelter

Of course, our Team Shelter is primarily soccer team benches, but its use is also useful for other sports. Especially in high schools and colleges the sports fields are often shared. Therefore all teams, from track and field athletes to lacrosse teams, benefit from this – the use in such mixed sports facilities is possible without any problems.

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On pure training grounds a Team Shelter is often not so important. However, if competitions are planned, Team Shelters becomes necessary. And then you are at the right address with us. Our products are optimized and tested for a long time. As already mentioned, the intelligent design is just as convincing as the extensive stability. Details about the products can be found on the product page, where you can also choose the size. So decide today for the perfect Team Shelter – with HELOGOAL!