Junior soccer goals – Set good standards for training exercises

Soccer is one of those sports that can inspire young people. Many children follow in their parents footsteps kicking a ball before they can truly walk or even run. It doesn’t take long for develop passion for the Beautiful Game in young people. As new skills are acquired with each new year, children also grow, which means adjustments in goal size and field size are necessary, especially in the younger age groups. After all, a large soccer field with full size goals would not be very effective for children.

Soccer governing bodies have adopted standards to insure optimal development for children. This includes field sizes, ball sizes and also the goals. With junior soccer goals there are goal sizes that are generally used in standardized form up to the age of 12. In some cases, the junior soccer goals are also worthwhile for training sessions in the adult, senior player training environments. Here you can find out more about the junior soccer goals from HELOGOAL

Safe and transportable variants are irreplaceable at junior soccer goals

Everyone who has already worked in youth soccer will know how chaotic it can be. Soccer training is the absolute highlight of the week for many children and as soon as they get close to the field, the little ones start rushing. It is therefore important that junior soccer goals are designed safely, even during transport. Transport is necessary because field sizes vary and are often improvised on the larger fields.

Junior soccer goals rely on a light structure with a low center of gravity. This helps to prevent goals from tipping over. There is even a model that has wheels and only has to be tilted backwards for transport. If the junior soccer goal has to be moved over obstacles, the classic model is more suitable. This makes transport as safe as possible, but a bit of caution is of course always necessary.

The compact size convinces with clear dimensions

The size is therefore important for the junior soccer goals. Of course, it would also be useful to use different sizes for each age group, but that would be extremely time-consuming for clubs. So there is also this intermediate level in addition to the goals for adults. Therefore, helogoal, Inc offers junior soccer goals with the following dimensions:

• Height: 6.5 feet (approx. 2 meters)

• Width: 18.5 feet (about 5.6 meters)

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Helogoal, Inc provides high-quality junior soccer goals directly with the nets. These nets fit perfectly to the goals. Since the junior soccer goals can be used in so many different ways, they are actually worthwhile for any soccer club, even without a youth academy. At helogoal.com you are at the right place, after all we guarantee you quality, a well designed goal and years of use when used correctly. Order junior soccer goals today to promote youth soccer with HELOGOAL!