The basic requirement for senior teams: Full size soccer goals

Soccer is the world’s most popular game. It can be played alone with just a ball, but it is even more fun with friends. Add goals and you have yourself a match – that’s where our full size soccer goals come into play.

Our full-size soccer goals offer the most important standards that are required at the senior level of play. We build these standards into our junior level goals too. This includes the exact dimensions required by FIFA and US Soccer with nets that are robust and long-lasting. That’s exactly what all of our soccer goals offer.

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Equipped with the standard dimensions, our full size soccer goals are convincing

While the field size in soccer can vary, because different fields have to be built in narrower or more extensive environments, the full size soccer goal is provided with standard dimensions. The height of the crossbar is 8 feet, meaning 2.44 meters at the bottom edge, while the width is 24 feet, which is 7.32 meters. This is a ratio of 1 to 3 and makes the charm of full size soccer goals. Because of these dimensions, these goals can be used from training to game play.

Different structures allow changing fields of application

While in principle each of the full size soccer goals are suitable for all fields of application due to their dimensions, it is quite common to use different structures here. It is common for full size soccer goals that are used in training to be more mobile. This can be the case, for example, with handles and wheels. As sports training fields often have shared use, this mobility is a key aspect of efficient usage. Competition goals are generally more robust having higher strength and reduced mobility but conform to the laws of the game.

Light and stable materials are the standard of our full size soccer goals

It is important for full size soccer goals that they are not too difficult to move, but they should not be too light so that they do not suddenly move during the game. Removable ground anchors reduce the issue with stability and increase safety. Stability is improved due to these properties:

  • Stable 4-part construction
  • Robust mesh hook
  • Aluminum profile

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