History of soccer in America

When taking a look at the most popular sports in the world, special mention should be made of those sports that have a long reach or are popular where a particularly large number of people live. Not surprisingly, cricket is popular with fans, after all, the game is particularly popular in populous India. But soccer is a sport that is more or less enjoyed worldwide by fans and has captivated almost every continent. But in the big sports nation USA, the situation is different.

So soccer is becoming more and more popular in the USA and is particularly enjoyable during times of international national team tournaments, but soccer cannot really keep up with the major sports. But of course there is also soccer in the United States. We would like to give you an interesting overview of the development and show the history of soccer in America.

The big four – and soccer?

In team sports there are of course the big four in the US. Soccer, basketball, baseball and ice hockey, after all, they are listed as the major sports leagues. Occasionally the Major League Soccer (MLS), the largest soccer league, is mentioned. However, this cannot really keep up to this day. A look at the history of soccer in America shows the development there.

The beginnings of soccer in America

The low popularity of soccer in America today is actually surprising. The US are of course shaped by colonial movements from Europe and should have brought soccer with it early. The history of soccer in America therefore begins in the 19th century. At that time and before, at least similar sports were already played by settlers. Soccer as we know it today, of course, did not really exist at that time. In the 19th century, there were still beginnings in individual colleges, but these were scattered.

The role of immigrants has had a major impact on initial development

Even after the beginnings by the settlers, it was particularly immigrants on the east coast who continued to establish soccer. For example, the first team was founded in Boston, the Oneidas. This already happened in 1962. Further associations were founded by other settlers. And even the first division, the “American League of Professional Soccer”, was founded in 1884, but was quickly abolished. The starting shot for the history of soccer in America was thus given.

From 1913 with association and in FIFA

Soccer continued to develop briskly in the years to come. The 1913 key year in the history of soccer in America is interesting. The United States Association was founded there for the first time. It was not long before joining FIFA and underpinned the growth of soccer. A year later, league operations began in the country, just as in 1930 the first soccer World Cup in Uruguay was attended by just one of 13 teams.

The national teams in the 20th century

In the course of the 20th century, it was the national teams that shaped the history of soccer in America. But there were also large gaps here. In the 20th century, men only participated in the following World Cup tournaments:

  • World Cup 1934
  • World Cup 1950
  • World Cup 1990
  • World Cup 1994 (as host)
  • World Cup 1998
  • every other since then

While the success of the men was at best manageable, the women’s national team was top worldwide and has been extremely successful to this day. For example, a World Cup was won in 1991, as was the Olympic Games in 1996. Both outstanding successes in the 20th century, which ultimately also contributed to the fact that women’s soccer is the figurehead in the history of soccer in America. This can still be seen today in the numbers of players who are roughly balanced.

The MLS was launched in 1996

In addition to the national teams, the US are also known to be home to major sports leagues. The MLS mentioned at the outset was introduced relatively late in 1996. That was ultimately the reaction to the fact that there was great interest at the 1994 World Cup. Previously there was a league with the NASL, but this was not comparable in terms of professionalism with the MLS. But just as the MLS often obliges older world stars after their peak, the NASL has already done this interestingly and, for example, brought Pelé to the USA.

Soccer in America – but only with the right equipment

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