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Soccer in a confined space: The green court

Even on the big field, things can get a little tight at times. Attacking several opponents and finding the other players can be difficult. We all know these situations on the soccer field only too well and accordingly a lot of training is done. Exercises in which small fields are staked out occur almost weekly and also various units on small fixed soccer cages are possible in places. But there is another alternative.

The green court is also very well suited as a temporary small field to enable soccer to be played in confined spaces. Sometimes there is simply no more space available, in other cases the construction is specifically designed for this purpose. Therefore we from would like to introduce the green court mini pitch to you in the following.

A clever construction with scalable sizes 

The principle of the green court is actually quite simple. The entire field is completely sealed off after the players have entered and the ball can only leave the field upwards. Then there are two opposite goals, which are surrounded by boards. Above the boards there are further barriers to avoid losing even high balls. The components are perfectly matched to each other and simply form an excellent overall system on the green court.

The special advantage is that this principle is extremely scalable. There are different sizes available. Some are designed for children and are even octagonal in shape to make them even more space-efficient. Classic rectangular green courts, on which even five against five can be played, are also possible with the same basic principle.

There is a variety of fields of application for the green court 

Anyone who thinks of a sports club will wonder why such a structure is necessary at all. But soccer is not limited to this, which is why there is a multitude of fields of application. We would like to offer you some inspirations for this so that you can decide on the perfect green court:

  • Even for soccer clubs the purchase is interesting as an alternative training method or temporary construction for tournaments and similar formats.
  • Various events with a sportive claim can benefit from green courts by creating an appropriate offer.
  • In densely populated cities where a sports offer is to be created, the green court can be useful.
  • Large indoor recreational sports facilities can benefit from the green court by creating an affordable soccer offering.
  • Even private individuals can benefit from the small versions for children even in their own garden.

Note: When making your choice, it is important to take a look at the ground. This should of course be level. Some designs use their own artificial turf, while other green courts are based on the subsoil underneath.

The very special addition: Order a green court now at 

Once you have familiarized yourself with the system, you will be able to set up the green court quickly and thus be able to use the proven concept again and again. The many fields of application can be used as inspiration for you, but there are also many other fields of application that we do not want to prescribe.

In general, we recommend that you study the individual offers in more detail and thus get to know each other even better. If you have any other questions, please dont be afraid to contact us, or download our GreenCourt catalog for further more detailed information. Afterwards you can order from us and soon you can use the green court mini pitch!

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